How to Submit Invoices on AgeroSupport

Here's a step-by-step guide on submitting your invoices for payment on AgeroSupport.

  • Sign in to your AgeroSupport account. 
    • If you haven't created your AgeroSupport account yet, click here for instructions.
  • Go to the Billing tab at the top of the screen.
    • Select a PO# from the Choose a PO drop-down menu.
    • Once you have selected an available PO#, most of your information should fill in automatically. 
  • Enter the vehicle’s odometer reading.
    • If it’s a digital dashboard and the odometer is not available, enter “1”, and in the comments section write “digital dash.”
  • Enter the vehicle’s full 17 digit VIN.
    • If the VIN is shorter than 17 digits, you will need to mail your invoice to Agero. 
  • Enter either the miles or the hours, in accordance to your rate agreement.
    • If your rate is per mile, you will only enter miles. 
    • If your rate is hourly, enter hours in 30-minute increments rounded to the closest half hour (for example, 30 minutes = 0.5 hours).   
      • “Miles to Site” equals the en-route miles from your shop to the disabled vehicle.  
      • “Miles Towed” equals miles from the scene to the tow destination. Make sure to enter gross miles only – your included miles will be automatically deducted.  
      • “Port to Port” hours equals the time from your shop to the service and then back to your shop. 
  • If you have additional charges (that were approved by an Agero representative):
    • Check the Click here if additional charges apply, 
    • Select any applicable additional charges from the drop-down menu, such as taxes, fuel for delivery, etc. 
  • Enter your invoice # and the total invoice amount, including all additional charges.
    • If you don’t use invoice numbers, simply use the last 7 digits of the PO#. 
  • Enter any additional information in the Comments box. 
  • Once you have finished entering all of the above information, click Submit Invoice. You will see a status appear that says,  “Data has been updated successfully.” 


Congratulations – you have successfully submitted your first Agero PO! 


**Friendly reminder: **

  • All payments must be submitted within 60 days from the date of service. 
  • If you have a dispute on any payment amount, on any invoice, you must submit for additional payment within 30 days of original payment (using or calling our Billing Team).
  • Check runs are weekly. In order to get paid in Tuesday’s check, you must submit POs by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. 
  • If you need to go back and edit your PO before it gets paid, you can do so by selecting the PO number from the Choose a PO drop-down menu.