How do I Approve and Send Invoices on Swoop?

Approving Invoices

Here's a quick tutorial on how to submit invoices through Swoop:

Log into with your Swoop credentials and navigate to the "Invoices" tab at the top of the screen. In this tab, you will find the outstanding invoices for completed jobs that you need to submit through Swoop. 

1. Navigate to the New tab. Kindly note: 

  • New - Invoices in this tab require your review and approval. You can edit any invoice within this tab.

2. Review the details of the invoice by clicking anywhere within the line item. Make sure the invoice totals are correct!

When you're satisfied with the details of the invoice, select the blue Approve button. 

3. Once you have approved the invoice, select the green Send button when you're ready to send an invoice. This will send the invoice to the customer "Account" and create a copy of the invoice in the Sent tab for your records. 

Sent Invoices

Once your invoices have been approved and sent, you can locate them in your Sent tab. The status of each invoice will state either Account Received or Account Approved.

Account Received: The "Account" has received the invoice that was approved.
Account Approved: The "Account" has approved the invoice amount.

Helpful Tip: You may still edit the details of an invoice even after it has been sent. Doing so will move the invoice back to the New tab for re-approval and inform the customer account that you have made edits. 

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us in the blue chat bubble to the right of this screen.