Notifications - Admin Training 1.2

Where we will be working: Settings > Configure > Company Settings

Email review notifications: This is how you can receive emails to notify you when a customer reviews your service. By clicking on the pencil icon, you can change who receives these emails.

You can set it for all admins (any user with the admin permission) or you can specify specific email addresses.

For multiple specified email addresses, separate them with a comma and NO space.

Phone calls for new job alerts: Determines whether or not you receive phone call notifications for new digital jobs. For context, this feature is typically used when you sync Swoop with motor clubs for digital dispatch. When a company assigns you a new digital job, our system will call your dispatch line with an automated phone call to notify you or your team that a new job is awaiting an ETA. 

No action is required on this call, it is simply for notification purposes. 

If your dispatch phone number has caller ID, you can simply save the number (256) 399-0952 in your contacts as "Swoop." When you receive the call, you will see the caller ID as “Swoop” and can then enter the ETA in the Swoop app.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us in the blue chat bubble to the right of this screen, or you can reach us at