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Roadside Assistance is simpler than ever before with Blink® Roadside


Dead battery?

Locked out of your car? Run out of gas? We’ll be there in a Blink.

Servicing every zip code in the US, 24/7/365, and backed by the leading roadside assistance provider for major automotive and insurance brands. This is roadside you can count on.


No membership. No subscription. No hassle. Just roadside.

Available Now through Alexa

No need to enable, just ask Alexa for help with your:

service-icon_Flat Tire
service-icon_Dead Battery
service-icon_Fuel Delivery

Flat Tire

Dead Battery

Fuel Delivery


Why choose Blink Roadside?



It’s easy to ask for help

We’ve partnered with Amazon’s Alexa devices to offer roadside assistance without having to enable our Blink Roadside skill. Simply ask Alexa and she will connect you to Blink Roadside.



We’re reliable

Our nationwide network of service providers are available in every zip code, 24/7/265. Wherever you need help, whenever you need help.



We’re trusted

We’re backed by Agero, the leading roadside assistance company in the country, supporting major automotive and insurance brands for 50 years, and protecting 115 million motorists nationwide.

One last thing

If you are in an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, the fire department, or ambulance, call 911. 

How’d it go?

We’re happy to hear feedback.

Let us know how everything turned out. 

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