GEt the 511

Electric Vehicles, Range Anxiety & SparkCharge

The biggest challenge both in the adoption of electric vehicles and in roadside support is managing range anxiety and out-of-charge events. For our inaugural episode of 511, we caught up with an exciting new player, SparkCharge, and learned more about their solution to address range anxiety with a portable, fast electric charger.


"Electric vehicles have never taken a dip in terms of sales and we believe that our product is going to continue to help it grow exponentially because we’re removing all of these barriers to any ownership.”

Josh Aviv, CEO, Sparkcharge


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SparkCharge was started in 2014 by Joshua Aviv while attending Syracuse University. As a student, Joshua wanted to be able to travel long commutes without having to worry about his electric car running out of charge due to blocked or broken charging stations.

He realized the problem was much bigger than expected, and the US electric vehicle charging infrastructure was severely lacking. The conventional method of charging electric vehicles at stationary charging stations is highly inconvenient and impractical. His vision is to revolutionize the way electric vehicle owners charge and eliminate range anxiety by creating a portable charging station that is ultrafast and modular.