Winback for Agero Roadside Managed Services

Rapidly engage dissatisfied roadside customers and convert challenging experiences into brand-building opportunities.

Flip the script with Winback.



Identify unhappy customers

All customers with poor NPS results are automatically flagged for follow-up on the Winback dashboard


Quickly respond and resolve

Most customers are called within an hour by a specialized Winback case manager


Enhance customer loyalty

Winback improves customer NPS by 1-2 points

Reestablish brand trust and loyalty with exceptional customer care


Specialized technology

Purpose-built dashboards on a world class platform ensure immediate and seamless case handover to Winback team

Empathetic customer care

Dedicated case managers are trained in empathy and complaint resolution, so that customers feel listened to and supported

Empowered to help

Case managers have the discretion to make things right with customers, whether providing goodwill or simply offering an apology

Award-winning customer service

Winner of the 2019 Business Intelligence Group Excellence in Customer Service Award

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Winback for Agero Roadside Managed Services enables quick, proactive, and empathetic follow-up with customers after negative roadside experiences to resolve issues before they escalate.