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Critical Application Instructions & frequently asked questions


Thank you for your interest in becoming a contracted Agero Service Provider! Please carefully review the details in the below FAQ to correctly apply to be part of our growing network.

Complete the application as accurately as possible. Incomplete applications and/or errors will cause delays and may impact your acceptance into our network. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the Contact Email you provide at right is an inbox you are regularly monitoring for general communications. We will be in touch with regular updates on the progress of your application and will be sending these communications to the email address you submit.

Please also ensure the email address you provide can accept our emails by adding ageronews@agero.com to your safe-sender list. If your inbox is full, you will not be able to receive our emails.

Note that whether you are enrolled in Agero's network or not, submitting an application will make you a recipient of our Blueprint Bulletin, an email that provides updates on new vehicle handling tips and videos we have on our 100% free site Blueprint. You can unsubscribe from the Bulletin at any time.

Reviewing and accepting our Terms & Conditions is a requirement for applying to our network and that by submitting an application you are opting-in to receive marketing communications from Agero. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Road-only Services
These are your "every day" breakdowns including: lockouts, jumpstarts, tire changes, and fuel deliveries. 

Towing Services
All towing services, including winching. You can choose to perform any of the following, depending on your fleet capabilities:

  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty (GVWR in excess of 10,000 lbs, or 21+ feet in length)
  • Heavy Duty (GVWR in excess of 20,000 lbs, or 31+ feet in length)

Mobile Mechanic Services
Our Mobile Mechanic providers complete on-scene repairs for Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles in our Fleet and Recreational Vehicle space. These services include engine repair, computer diagnostics, exhaust, belts and hoses, sheet metal, as well as general RV repair. In addition, a subset of our Mobile Mechanic providers perform tire delivery service and on-scene installation.

Accident Management
Our Accident Management program includes two tow types:

  • Accident Towing: Service high-priority dispatches, which may include accidents. An accident tow requires a service provider to respond to the disablement scene with an expedited ETA, obtain the vehicle, and move it to the designated repair or storage facility. 

  • Secondary Towing with Payout: Deliver vehicles from an impound or storage yard to a designated body shop. You may be asked to advance funds in order to release the vehicle on behalf of Agero. Advanced funds will be pre-paid by Agero on a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

We require a document that lists the zip codes you can and want to service that fall within a 45 minute ETA. Please upload a document that contains each zip code on a separate line. Click the link below if you'd like to download an Excel template, then upload the completed template to the Territory section on the form at right.

Agero needs your Taxpayer information to verify your business and accurately provide you with year-end statements (1099s).

Please upload your complete, accurate and signed W-9 at right. This sample shows the information that we require. Your documentation will be manually reviewed by our Compliance Team.

Click here if you need a blank W-9 to fill in. Please note all the certification details, listed under "Part II Certification." 

We require evidence of your completed background checks on all members of your business who will be performing Agero services or handling information pertaining to Agero. Please submit background check documentation at the form to the right. 

The best documentation is the full report including employee name, last 4 digits of their social security number, and result of the background check in its entirety.

See our full list of requirements here.

Here is a list of websites that we will accept background checks from:

Please do not use the following websites to run your background checks. These documents will not be accepted

  • Peoplefinders.com
  • TruthFinder
  • Checkpeople
  • Instant Checkmate
  • BeenVerified

If you are accepted in your network, it will be your responsibility to provide updated employee information to maintain compliance with our background check process.

Depending on the types of services you’ll provide, Agero requires the following insurance coverage as a minimum. Here is an example COI to review.





 Commercial General Liability

 - Per occurrence
 - General aggregate limit applies per policy
 - Additional insured


 Commercial Auto Liability

 - At least for owned autos, hired autos, and non-owned autos, with any auto preferred
 - Additional insured 


(Combined single limit, bodily injury, property damage)

 On Hook/Cargo

 Required for towing services


 Garagekeeper's Insurance

 Required if you store vehicles at your facility


 Workers Compensation

 For all employees, with evidence of meeting state minimums

 Certificate Holder

Agero Administrative Service Corp.
c/o PlusOne Solutions, Inc
3501 Quadrangle Blvd, Suite 120
Orlando, FL 32817


Note: Commercial Auto Liability coverage is still a requirement even if you only provide road services.

Need help locating underwriters within your state? Visit this page anytime or at the time of your COI renewal to help guide you in which insurance carrier may be available to you.

Agero has partnered with Lucky Truck, a tow and transportation insurance agency, to offer our Service Providers affordable insurance through an easy-to-use platform. They aim to modernize the industry with expert guidance, streamlined processes, and innovative solutions. They are in the trucking solutions space, and offer resources that may benefit businesses like yours.  

If, based on your initial application, we determine we’re a fit, you will be asked to submit a Rate Agreement document outlining our agreed-upon service rates. This is in addition to the required Certificate of Insurance and background checks evidence.

We will communicate with you via email, using the email address you provided on your application. Please be sure to check emails often for updates on where you stand in our recruitment pipeline.

Agero provides services across the U.S. in all zip codes, however, call volume in your specific area would be dependent on many factors. Our recruitment team would be happy to outline those factors for you once you've submitted your application.

Our Swoop platform can be used as a standalone solution. Or you can use it alongside your existing software — whichever best fits your business.

If, based on your initial application, we determine we’re a fit, you will be asked to submit a Rate Agreement document outlining our agreed-upon service rates. 

Supporting diversity, equality and inclusion across our employee, partner, contractor and client populations is important to Agero and its clients. 

Having a better understanding of the makeup of the Agero network will empower us to work with you, our people and our customers to better support your needs.

All responses will be anonymous and used for reporting purposes.

On average, we aim to complete the application process - from initial form submission to activation in our network - within a few weeks. This timeline is dependent on how quickly we get the necessary information from you and is also based on the regional and service needs we must prioritize/fill at the time of your application.

If we determine you’re a fit for our network based on your application, a member of our recruitment team will be in touch within a week or two of your submission.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the Communication Email you provide at right is an inbox you are regularly monitoring for general communications. We will be in touch with regular updates on the progress of your application and will be sending these communications to the email address you submit.

Thank you for your interest

We look forward to learning more about you, your company, your needs and the opportunities we may have together.