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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQs below before you submit an inquiry to PAG. Your question may be answered without having to submit a ticket.

If you've filled out an application and are looking for an update on its status, please fill out the form to the left and put the number "0" in the Vendor ID field, and "Application Inquiry" in the Type of Request field.

We're prioritizing towers in all markets, and currently have a 3-4 month waiting queue. If you're a good fit for our network, then a member of the Provider Advocate Group will reach out to you if they need additional information. Remember - we cannot process your application unless you've provided us with evidence of completed background checks, a current Certificate of Insurance, and a signed rate sheet. If you've submitted an application and are missing pieces, please look for emails from the Provider Advocate Group requesting them. Only submit one application. Additional applications will not be prioritized. 

Agero acquired Swoop in January 2018. Swoop is Agero’s featured digital dispatching platform of choice and has replaced our legacy dispatching platform, RoadsideConnectTM.  Agero Providers are given free access to the Swoop platform for Agero-exclusive and Agero + Swoop jobs. We currently have a number of clients exclusively using the Swoop platform, with more coming soon. By adding Swoop to your book of business, you can be eligible for the Agero + Swoop dispatches exclusively on the Swoop platform. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at the future of Agero billing. If you'd like to sign up for a Swoop account, please fill out the form to the left and select "Add Swoop to My Account" in the Type of Request field.

Agero, 400 Rivers Edge Drive, Medford, MA 02155

SwoopMe, Inc., 153 Kearny Street, Floor 4 , San Francisco, CA 94108