What is Agero's relationship with Swoop?

As Agero celebrates our two-year anniversary with Swoop, we want to clearly explain how to accept both Agero and Agero (Swoop) jobs as well as clarify our future plans.


What is Agero’s relationship with Swoop and are you still two different companies?

  • We are one company – Agero. Agero purchased Swoop in January 2018 to enhance and upgrade our proprietary dispatching platform. Integrating the Swoop technology into our core business was the path we took to improve transparency between our customers, clients, and Service Providers, and ultimately improve the customer experience.


Why do I still get jobs that are labeled “Swoop?”

  • While we are one motor club, we have two different sources of jobs. We’ll be migrating our core Agero clients onto the Swoop platform. During this transition time, you'll receive jobs that are labeled “Agero” (originating from our legacy platform) and “Agero (Swoop)” coming from our new dispatching platform, powered by Swoop.
  • These labels may be a little confusing, but it’s the easiest way to show where you need to bill those jobs. If you have an “Agero” job, you'll bill that as you normally do through your third party software (Towbook, etc.) if you use one, plus AgeroSupport. If you receive an “Agero (Swoop)” job, you’ll need to bill those jobs on the Swoop platform - where you can submit invoices in as little as two clicks.


If I don’t activate my Swoop account, does that mean I’ll lose my Agero volume eventually?

  • Yes. As we shift volume away from Agero’s legacy platform, we'll send volume through the new Swoop platform, one client at a time. You will only be eligible for those jobs if you have your "Agero (Swoop)" account activated. 

Why are you migrating jobs over to Swoop?
  • Our platform ecosystem needed new features and upgrades, and the Swoop technology allowed for increased job transparency for all stakeholders – clients, customers, Service Providers, and Agero, as well as an improved customer experience.

Am I able to handle everything through Towbook?
  • Currently, you'll be able to receive "Agero (Swoop)" dispatches through Towbook once you enable the integration; however, you'll need a separate Swoop account to manage billing for Agero (Swoop) jobs. If you use Towbook, you can activate your "Agero (Swoop)" account in just a few minutes by following these instructions:
  • We’re building the functionality to bill "Agero (Swoop)" jobs directly through Towbook. Until that’s ready, you’ll need to bill "Agero (Swoop)" jobs separately through your Swoop account.

I don't use Towbook currently - how do I receive "Agero (Swoop)" jobs? 
  • You'll need to utilize the Swoop desktop and mobile apps in addition to whatever system you're currently using in order to receive Agero (Swoop) jobs. Set up is easy - simply reach out to the Provider Advocate Group or click on the blue Chat bubble within Swoop for assistance with activating your account.

I had different negotiated Swoop rates before Agero acquired Swoop. Why can’t I keep my Swoop rates?
  • When you agree to Agero's terms and conditions, you agree to perform all Agero jobs at your Agero contracted rates. Since Agero owns Swoop, those same terms and conditions carry over to all "Agero (Swoop)" jobs as well. Dispatches that you receive through the "Agero (Swoop)" platform are simply Agero jobs on a different platform. This policy went into effect on December 1, 2019.