1. About Us

What is Agero's relationship with Swoop?

Agero purchased and began utilizing the Swoop as our application tool to enhance transparency between you, our customers and clients, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Can I use a third-party platform?

You can receive Agero dispatches through third-party platforms once integrate your third-party account with ours. You will need to use Swoop  to manage billing for Agero jobs. Follow these linked instructions to activate your account in Towbook or Traxero.

What happens if I don’t activate my Swoop account?

Activating your Swoop account ensures we know you are ready to accept Agero jobs. If you do not set up your account, we will not be able to start dispatching to you, even if you use other management platforms.

You must also manage your Agero invoices in Swoop. These cannot be submitted elsewhere.

What other benefits of Swoop are there?

Through the Swoop software, you will have access to:

  • Our live job chat support, where you can provide us with updates on job status, extend ETAs and more.
  • Job Update Button, a capability in Swoop allowing you to digitally cancel a job or mark a job as unsuccessful or GOA - without needing to call in or chat us.
  • The Performance Insights Dashboard, where you can understand how you are performing against our metrics and expectations.
  • Sign up for our Digital Tips program, which uses Venmo to send tips to drivers who deliver high quality service to customers.