How to get Agero jobs in Pulsar

Follow these instructions in order to receive Agero jobs in your Pulsar software.

Connecting Your Agero Account in Pulsar:

  1. Log into your Pulsar account and open Location Settings.

    • If you do not know how to find the Location Settings section, reach out to the Pulsar support team: 337-366-0122 or
  2. Select the Digital Dispatching sub tab (pic: A).

  3. Click Add New (pic: B).

  4. Select Agero-Swoop (pic: C).

  5. Fill in the associated email address and contact number, then click Next (pic: D).

  6. Follow the remaining instructions in the prompts.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Provider Advocate Group by submitting a ticket or live chatting with an agent, both available at