How to Add Agero (Swoop) to Towbook

A step-by-step walkthrough of adding the Agero (Swoop) integration in Towbook

Connecting Your Agero + Swoop Account in Towbook:

  1. Log into your Towbook account.
  2. Click on the Accounts tab and select the Agero (Swoop) option.
  3. Click the green Connect with Swoop button, and then follow the prompts to connect to the Swoop platform.
  4. Once the integration is successful, you'll see the below screen:

image (4)

Note: You will need to call back into Swoop directly for GOA's and customer cancels via 847-796-6763. You'll also see this callback number option within the job details.



Billing in Swoop: 

  1. Once the Towbook integration is confirmed, you'll receive a separate email asking you to set up your Swoop billing account. 
  2. Jobs that are labeled Agero (Swoop), need to be invoiced through the Swoop platform. You cannot bill these jobs directly through Towbook, nor on AgeroSupport.
  3. You'll be paid weekly via the same Paymode direct deposit account you use for your main Agero jobs.
  4. Watch this video to see how simple billing on Swoop is: