1. Account Set Up
  2. Settings & Customization

Setting Up Dashboard Tabs

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Where we will be working: Settings > Configure > Company Settings     

Scroll just past Companies and Bank Settings to see Dashboard tabs.

By Default you will see your dashboard keeps everything on one page in the Active Tab. By checking off the boxes, you can create tabs for Scheduled, Pending, and Drafts.

For context:

  • Pending is any job that is not yet assigned to a driver. Once a driver is assigned, the ticket will drop or move to In-Progress.
  • In-Progress is any job that a driver has been assigned to but has not yet been completed.
  • Drafts are tickets that still need information before going into Pending. 
  • Scheduled is any job that is scheduled for a later date and not created as an ASAP service.

If you wish to have all separate tabs, this is what your dashboard will look like.

You will now notice the different tabs for different job states.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Provider Advocate Group by submitting a ticket or live chatting with an agent, both available at info.agero.com/network.